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I participate in an exhibition, 'Denkbeelden. Picturing dilemmas of technological change' in Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. For more information, please see the NEWS page.



Now I take part in an exhibition, ‘Denkbeelden. Picturing dilemmas of technological change‘ in Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. You can find thought-provoking images about “dilemmas of technological change” from all over the world at the main hall of the Atlas building there until Nov. 29th.


I’m very pleased to announce a duo-exhibition “Tokyo Meets Berlin – A Tale of Two Cities” with Markus Lehr in Berlin. It is held at LA CAMERA CHIARA from Sep. 6th to Oct. 19th and shows you 26 prints, portfolios, books and the catalogue. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, drop in at the gallery!
Vernissage: Friday, September 06, 19h
LA CAMERA CHIARA, Pestalozzistr. 13, 10625 Berlin


Fortunately I take part in Photo Basel in Basel, Switzerland through IBASHO gallery (Antwerp). You can see some images from my project “Invisible Machinery” there from June 11th to 16th.


A few pictures of mine are exhibited at Galerie Pfundt in Berlin from Dec. 5th to 29th. If you’re near there, drop in at the gallery!

山水 – Interface/Interference #63

Prewar Days #03


It’s a pleasure to join the collective exhibition “Ni’homme” at IBASHO gallery in Antwerp. It’s an exhibition featuring new works by Japanese male photographers and I exhibit the following pictures from my ongoing project “山水 – Interface/Interference“. The exhibition will be held Jun. 16th to Sep. 1st. Come and enjoy it!

山水 – Interface/Interference #33

山水 – Interface/Interference #69

山水 – Interface/Interference #10



My work and interview appeared in a Chinese influential magazine of Japanese culture “知日(it is JAPAN)“. I’m surprised that it’s a 20-page feature. I had worked in China for more than 3 years at the end of the 20th century, so the news pleased me a lot.




We hold an exhibition “Le Pont Rouge, exposition collective” in GALLERY mestalla, Tokyo from Mar. 31st to Apr. 20th. 6 artists in the exhibition published their books from a French publisher, iKi Editions as part of the library “Le Pont Rouge”. My books, “Invisible Machinery” and “Invisible Boundaries” are also part of it. I’ll be so glad if you drop in at our exhibition!



I’m glad to announce that my new books were published by iKi Editions in France. They’re part of the library Le Pont Rouge. You can see a few pages of my books here:
“Invisible Machinery”
“Invisible Boundaries”
Besides, you can get the copies in the URL. You can get them from me, too.



My booklet “空-Kū-” was included in GRAM #4 -327 grams of VOID- by Gram Publishing in Italy.



16 pictures from my ongoing project “Urban Shan-shui(山水)” appeared in the Portuguese photo magazine Arte Fotográfica Issue #90 . Check it out if you like!




Everything about Unseen Photo Fair went well for the first time I joined. A lot of people came and carefully looked at the works, including my pictures, at the booth of IBASHO gallery. Thankfully, my work received positive responses and some people even purchased it. Besides, “Another Something”  dealt with my work on this occasion. Check it out!



IBASHO in Antwerp is a gallery specializing in Japanese photography. You can enjoy Japanese fine art photography ranging from works by well-known masters to emerging artists and also works from Western photographers who were inspired by Japan.
Fortunately, I became a member of their artists recently. You can find 24 pictures of mine there in the catalogue. Please check it out if you like.
Enjoy part of Japanese fine art photography on the website of IBASHO!



I participate in Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam through IBASHO gallery.

I exhibit 4 pictures of mine there.


Some images of mine appeared on the group exhibition “Enthusiasm” in F-Stop Magazine Issue #78.
Please check it out.
Group Exhibition “Enthusiasm”


Charleroi Sudinfo reported our exhibition “Double Attractions”.

Expo d’André Fromont et Toru Ukai à la Maison du Hainaut


I hold a duo exhibition “Double Attractions” with a Belgian artist André Fromont at Maison du Hainaut in Charleroi, Belgium. It’ll open on June 18th and last two months.
I exhibit a series “TOKYO – Between Visible and Invisible”. It’s composed of 30 pictures taken in the last 5 years. I hope it can tell you the social situation since the major disaster in a metaphorical way or occasionally in a clear way.


Some images of mine appeared on the group exhibition “Wonder-Full” in F-Stop Magazine Issue #75.
Please check it out.

Group Exhibition “Wonder-Full”


One of my ongoing projects, “Theater Degree Zero” was featured on “The New Frame”.

“The New Frame”



The following selfie of mine is on display in the exhibition, “Autoportret” at Galeria Fotografii ŁTF in Lodz, Poland. The exhibition lasts until Jan.15, 2016.



I took part in the exhibition, “Bozar de l’Abattoir 2015” curated by Fred Michiels.

“Bozar de l’Abattoir 2015”


One of my old pictures will appear on the cover of a novel “Sky-colored Small Bird” by Kozue Ohsaki. I’m deeply grateful to the editor, Kaori Nanbu for taking notice of my work. The novel will be published by SHODENSHA Publishing Co.,Ltd. on September 2nd.

“Sky-colored Small Bird”



Some images of mine appeared on the group exhibition “Open Theme” in F-Stop Magazine Issue #72.
Please check it out.

Group Exhibition “Open Theme”


An art/photography critic/historian, Xavier Martel published his essay, “For a « Neue Subjektive Fotographie »”. There he mentioned three photographers, including me.

For a « Neue Subjektive Fotographie »”



My portfolio “Invisible Machinery” appeared in the daily magazine of photography “The Eye of Photography/L’Œil de la Photographie”.

“The Eye of Photography/L’Œil de la Photographie”



A collective exhibition “Pour le plaisir” will open on Dec. 6th and last 6 weeks in Thuin, Belgium. Some pictures of mine are displayed there.

“Pour le plaisir”


A few images of mine appeared on the group exhibition “Happy Accidents” in F-Stop Magazine Issue #67.
Please check it out.

Group Exhibition “Happy Accidents”


“Chronicles” are a series of pocket sized photography zines published by The Velvet Cell. The set III will be released on Sep. 1st and it includes my “Invisible Machinery” as one of 5 zines. 2/3s of it have been already sold in the pre-order. Check out the following URL if you like.



A few of my images in Shanghai were added to F-Stop Magazine “On the Road” Issue.

Group Exhibition “On the Road”


My book “Invisible Machinery” is due for release on Sept. 14th.


My small book “Invisible Machinery” will be published by the Velvet Cell, an independent publishing house in UK. It’s part of “Chronicles”, a series of pocket sized photography zines. I really appreciate the publisher, Éanna’s support.





















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