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I’m glad to announce that my new books were published by iKi Editions in France. Go through the NEWS page.


1985:Graduated from the University of Tokyo with a degree in literature

1985-2000:Worked for editing and marketing at a publishing company

1998:Won a prize in 7th “New Cosmos of Photography”

2000:Exhibition “LOVE & POWER Borderless World” in Tokyo, Hiroshima and Sendai

2002-2006:Photos and essays appeared serially in the magazine of NHK Publishing, Inc.

2005:Solo Exhibition “From the Terminal: Guangzhou Railway Station, 1997” in Tokyo
(sponsored by FUJIFILM Imaging Co. Ltd.)

2006-2010:Stopped taking pictures

2011:Solo Exhibition “TOKYO-SHANGHAI Between Heaven and Earth” in Shanghai, China
(sponsored by Canon China Co. Ltd.)

2013:Exhibition “RESONANCE Lodz-Tokyo” with Piotr Debinski in Lodz, Poland
(sponsored by Polish Television Lodz, Radio Lodz and Lodz Daily)

2013:Projection Program “Artist as Curator – Spectacle in Photography” at Belfast Photo Festival

2013-2014:Exhibition “LITTLE BIG WEB” organized by André Fromont in Thuin, Belgium

2014:My booklet “Invisible Machinery” was published by the Velvet Cell in UK.

2014:Joined the theatre piece “Pulvérisés” at Théâtre National de Strasbourg, France

2014-2015:Exhibition “Pour le plaisir” in Thuin, Belgium

2015:Exhibition “Bozar de l’Abattoir 2015” in Bergen, the Netherlands and in Sambreville, Belgium

2015-2016:Exhibition “Autoportret” in Lodz, Poland.

2016:Exhibition “Double Attractions” with André Fromont in Charleroi, Belgium

2016:“Unseen Photo Fair” in Amsterdam

2017:My books “Invisible Machinery” and “Invisible Boundaries” were published as part of the library “Le Pont Rouge” by iki Editions in France.


And my work appears in the following gallery, magazines, etc., too:

IBASHO gallery in Antwerp

The Eye of Photography/L’Œil de la Photographie

Another Something

GRAM #4 -327 grams of VOID-

Arte Fotográfica Issue #90

A novel “Sky-colored Small Bird” by Kozue Ohsaki(cover photo)

Excerpt Magazine Issue 6

The Image Journey

Refractions Magazine issue 3

Refractions Magazine issue 4

VIEW Magazine issue 4

Aubade Magazine Issue 8

“From the drifting islands” in ACMV

F-Stop Magazine “On the Road” Issue #66

F-Stop Magazine “Happy Accidents” Issue #67

F-Stop Magazine “Spring/New Beginnings” Issue #70

F-Stop Magazine “Open Theme” Issue #72

F-Stop Magazine “Wonder-Full” Issue #75

F-Stop Magazine “Enthusiasm” Issue #78

F-Stop Magazine “Home” Issue #85

Arte Fotográfica” #82

“Baroque for Life” in Kiosk of democracy

“Invisible Machinery” in Kiosk of democracy

The New Frame

For a « Neue Subjektive Fotographie »


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