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I participate in an exhibition, 'Denkbeelden. Picturing dilemmas of technological change' in Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. For more information, please see the NEWS page.


1985:Graduated from the University of Tokyo with a degree in literature

1985-2000:Worked for editing and marketing at a publishing company

1998:Won a prize in 7th “New Cosmos of Photography”

2000:Exhibition “LOVE & POWER Borderless World” in Tokyo, Hiroshima and Sendai

2002-2006:Photos and essays appeared serially in the magazine of NHK Publishing, Inc.

2005:Solo Exhibition “From the Terminal: Guangzhou Railway Station, 1997” in Tokyo
(sponsored by FUJIFILM Imaging Co. Ltd.)

2006-2010:Stopped taking pictures

2011:Solo Exhibition “TOKYO-SHANGHAI Between Heaven and Earth” in Shanghai, China
(sponsored by Canon China Co. Ltd.)

2013:Exhibition “RESONANCE Lodz-Tokyo” with Piotr Debinski in Lodz, Poland
(sponsored by Polish Television Lodz, Radio Lodz and Lodz Daily)

2013:Projection Program “Artist as Curator – Spectacle in Photography” at Belfast Photo Festival

2013-2014:Exhibition “LITTLE BIG WEB” organized by André Fromont in Thuin, Belgium

2014:My booklet “Invisible Machinery” was published by the Velvet Cell in UK.

2014:Joined the theatre piece “Pulvérisés” at Théâtre National de Strasbourg, France

2014-2015:Exhibition “Pour le plaisir” in Thuin, Belgium

2015:Exhibition “Bozar de l’Abattoir 2015” in Bergen, the Netherlands and in Sambreville, Belgium

2015-2016:Exhibition “Autoportret” in Lodz, Poland.

2016:Exhibition “Double Attractions” with André Fromont in Charleroi, Belgium

2016:“Unseen Photo Fair” in Amsterdam

2017:My books “Invisible Machinery” and “Invisible Boundaries” were published as part of the library “Le Pont Rouge” by iki Editions in France.

2018:Exhibition “Le Pont Rouge, exposition collective” in Tokyo

2018:Exhibition “Ni’homme” in Antwerp, Belgium

2018:Exhibition Dezember – Verkaufsausstellung in Berlin

2019:“Photo Basel” in Basel, Switzerland

2019:“Tokyo Meets Berlin – A Tale of Two Cities” in Berlin

2019:”Denkbeelden. Picturing dilemmas of technological change” in Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands


And my work appears in the following gallery, magazines, etc., too:

IBASHO gallery in Antwerp

The Eye of Photography/L’Œil de la Photographie

知日(it is JAPAN) issue 50

Another Something

GRAM #4 -327 grams of VOID-

Arte Fotográfica Issue #90

Brennpunkt vol.4, 2019

A novel “Sky-colored Small Bird” by Kozue Ohsaki(cover photo)

Excerpt Magazine Issue 6

The Image Journey

Refractions Magazine issue 3

Refractions Magazine issue 4

VIEW Magazine issue 4

Aubade Magazine Issue 8

“From the drifting islands” in ACMV

F-Stop Magazine “On the Road” Issue #66

F-Stop Magazine “Happy Accidents” Issue #67

F-Stop Magazine “Spring/New Beginnings” Issue #70

F-Stop Magazine “Open Theme” Issue #72

F-Stop Magazine “Wonder-Full” Issue #75

F-Stop Magazine “Enthusiasm” Issue #78

F-Stop Magazine “Home” Issue #85

Arte Fotográfica” #82

“Baroque for Life” in Kiosk of democracy

“Invisible Machinery” in Kiosk of democracy

The New Frame

For a « Neue Subjektive Fotographie »


You can also find me on Facebook and IBASHO gallery in Antwerp





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